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File upload size limit - Arweave?#53


Has SuperRare looked into utilizing Arweave for permanent file storage?

NFT42/InfiNFT utilizes Arweave and IPFS I believe, and their current upload size limit is 500MB.

Even if it cost the artist more to mint to utilize something like Arweave with a higher size limit, I personally would be all for that.

It seems like it would be nice to have different options available to artists based on their needs - eg. below 50MB piece can store on IPFS for lower cost, 100MB or above can utilize something like Arweave for a higher cost, maybe?

4 months ago

This litle animation was made whit imagery of visceras and intend to cause an certain fear in observer.

4 months ago

Would LOVE a bigger file size as currently it鈥檚 the same for image or video and when you include audio in the video it鈥檚 very limiting. I鈥檓 managing around 30 seconds, maybe 1 minute depending on the audiovisual piece @ 1080p

2 months ago